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šŸš€ New Launch Today! Join Now! šŸŒŸ Server Features: 2x EXP: Level up faster and unlock new possibilities. 50 Slots: Plenty of room for everyone to explore, build, and thrive. Daytime Speed Rate 0.5x: Experience a longer day cycle for strategic gameplay. Lower Build Object Damage Rate: Build with confidence, knowing your creations are more resilient. Faster Egg Hatching: Nurture your creatures swiftly with accelerated hatching times. Death Penalty for Items and Equipment: Items and equipment can be picked up from any fallen player. Enabled PvP and Friendly Fire: Engage in thrilling battles with friends or foes; choose your alliances wisely! Random Start Spawn: Embrace unpredictability with a diverse starting experience. Player Persistence After Logout: Your progress and belongings stay, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. šŸš€ Fresh Launch Today! Hurry, and claim your spot in our evolving world! šŸŒ Connect Now:

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Server Status: Online
Players Online: 0
Maximum Slots: 50
XP rate: 2x

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