PalWorld Warfare [10x][PVE] 24/7 OCE AU/NZ

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About PalWorld Warfare [10x][PVE] 24/7 OCE AU/NZ

We are an established OCE gaming community. We have been hosting Ark servers for 6+ years are now hosting servers on Palworld. - ArkWarfare discord has a community of 3700+ members! - Palworld Warfare Discord has grown to over 450+ members already! - 32 slots per server for optimal performance. - 2x, 5x & 10x PVE servers with custom settings! - Password locked to keep the cheaters out! You can request access in our discord. - We will also host PVP servers when the game enables this function. - Hosted on high-performing machines that offer 24/7 availability and great performance with exceptional DDOS protection. - We will add additional servers where needed; we have 4 high-performing machines ready to go!

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Server Status: Online
Players Online: 0
Maximum Slots: 32
XP rate: 10x

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About PalWorld Warfare [10x][PVE] 24/7 OCE AU/NZ

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